Übersetzung von “piece” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepiece /pis/
a part of sth larger
morceau masculine , pièce feminine

a piece of cake
un morceau de gâteau

a piece of the puzzle
une pièce du puzzle

He broke off a piece and gave it to me.
Il en a cassé un morceau et me l'a donné.
in/to pieces
en morceaux masculine plural

The glass lay in pieces on the floor.
Le verre gisait en morceaux sur le sol.

The explosion ripped the cloth to pieces.
L'explosion déchira l'étoffe en morceaux.
one of a large group of things of the same kind
morceau masculine , pièce feminine

a piece of paper/clothing/mail/art/equipment etc.
un morceau de papier / un vêtement / courrier / une œuvre d'art / un appareil etc.
a single example or amount of information or work
(une unité d'information ou un exemplaire d'une oeuvre) notPredefined

an exciting piece of news/information
une information passionnante

the first piece of his work we've seen
la première de ses œuvres que nous avons vue
a single work of art, music, or literature
morceau masculine

a piece for violin and piano
un morceau pour violon et piano

one of the artist's most beautiful pieces
l'un des plus beaux morceaux de l'artiste
an object used to mark your place in a board game
pièce feminine

Move your piece two spaces.
Déplace ta pièce de deux cases.
give sb a piece of your mind
to angrily criticize
dire à qqn ses quatre vérités

I'd like to give her a piece of my mind!
J'aimerais lui dire ses quatre vérités!
in one piece
not hurt
sain/saine et sauf/sauve

It was a scary flight, but we arrived in one piece.
C'était un vol effrayant mais nous sommes arrivés sains et saufs.
a piece of cake
sth that is easy to do
du gâteau

The exam will be a piece of cake for you.
Pour toi, l'examen, ce sera du gâteau.


verb phrasalpiece: piece together /pis/
to bring information together in order to understand everything

Police pieced together evidence.
La police a rassemblé les preuves.

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noun /piːs/

a part of anything

a piece of cake
He examined it carefully piece by piece (= each piece separately).

a single thing or example of something

morceau; fragment
a piece of paper
a piece of news.

a composition in music, writing (an article, short story etc), drama, sculpture etc

pièce; article
He wrote a piece on social reform in the local newspaper.

a coin of a particular value

a five-pence piece.

in chess, draughts and other games, a small shape made of wood, metal, plastic etc that is moved according to the rules of the game.

piecemeal adverb

a little bit at a time; not as a whole

par bouts
He did the work piecemeal.
go (all) to pieces

(of a person) to collapse physically or nervously

She went to pieces when her husband died.
in pieces

with its various parts not joined together

en pièces détachées
The bed is delivered in pieces and the customer has to put it together himself.


en (mille) morceaux
The vase was lying in pieces on the floor.
piece together

to put (the pieces of something) together

They tried to piece together the fragments of the broken vase.
to pieces

into separate, usually small pieces, or into the various parts from which (something) is made

en morceaux
It was so old, it fell to pieces when I touched it.

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