Übersetzung von “pinch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpinch /pɪntʃ/
transitive to press hard between two fingers

Ow! He pinched me.
Oh! Il m'a pincé.
transitive-intransitive to put uncomfortable pressure on

These shoes pinch (my toes).
Ces chaussures me serrent (les orteils).
transitive to use up or take away money, causing financial problems

The hard winter has pinched highway budgets.
L'hiver rigoureux a grevé les budgets des ponts et chaussées.
transitive Brit informal steal
informal piquer

Who pinched my sweets?
Qui a piqué mes bonbons ?


noun countablepinch /pɪntʃ/
a small amount
pincée feminine

Add a pinch of salt.
Ajoutez une pincée de sel.

a comedy with a pinch of black humor
une comédie avec une pointe d'humour noir
the act of squeezing between two fingers
pincement masculine

My aunt gave my cheek a pinch.
Ma tante m'a pincé la joue.

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verb /pintʃ/

to squeeze or press tightly (flesh), especially between the thumb and forefinger

He pinched her arm.

to hurt by being too small or tight

My new shoes are pinching (me).

to steal

Who pinched my pen?
pinched adjective

(of a person’s face) looking cold, pale or thin because of cold, poverty etc

aux traits tirés
Her face was pinched with cold.
feel the pinch

to be in difficulty because of lack of money

être serré
Many families are feeling the pinch these days.



a very small amount; what can be held between the thumb and forefinger

a pinch of salt.

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