Übersetzung von “pioneer” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepioneer /ˌpaɪəˈnɪər/
sb who does sth new or discovers sth in a particular area of knowledge
pionnier/-ière masculine-feminine

pioneers in the world of genetic engineering
des pionniers dans le monde de l'ingénierie génétique
sb who travels to a place that nobody has been before
pionnier/-ière masculine-feminine , précurseur masculine

pioneers in space travel
des pionniers/précurseurs du voyage spatial


verb transitivepioneer /ˌpaɪəˈnɪər/
to discover and develop a new way of doing sth
mettre au point

the doctor who pioneered the technique
le médecin qui a mis au point la technique

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noun /paiəˈniə/

a person who goes to a new, often uninhabited or uncivilized (part of a) country to live and work there

The American pioneers
(also adjective) a pioneer family.

a person who is the first to study some new subject, or use or develop a new technique etc

pionnier, ière, précurseur
Joseph Lister was one of the pioneers of modern medicine
The Wright brothers were the pioneers of aeroplane flight.

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