Übersetzung von “pipe” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpipe /paɪp/
countable-uncountable a long hollow tube through which liquid or gas flows
tuyau masculine , conduite feminine

a leak in the main water pipe to the house
une fuite dans la principale conduite d'eau de la maison

a length of copper pipe
une longueur de tuyau de cuivre
countable a thin hollow tube with a bowl at one end, used for smoking
pipe feminine

to smoke a pipe
fumer une pipe
countable a hollow tube through which musical sound is produced
pipeau masculine

a shepherd playing his pipe
un berger jouant de son pipeau

organ pipes
des tuyaux d'orgue


verb transitivepipe [ paɪp ]
to send liquid or gas to a place using a pipe
amener par tuyau/conduite

The oil is piped from Alaska.
Le pétrole est amené par oléoduc de l'Alaska.
to send sound from one place to another

music being piped into the elevators
la musique diffusée dans les ascenseurs

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noun /paip/

a tube, usually made of metal, earthenware etc, through which water, gas etc can flow

a water pipe

a small tube with a bowl at one end, in which tobacco is smoked

(à) pipe
He smokes a pipe
(also adjective) pipe tobacco.

a musical instrument consisting of a hollow wooden, metal etc tube through which the player blows or causes air to be blown in order to make a sound

He played a tune on a bamboo pipe
an organ pipe.
piper noun

a person who plays a pipe or pipes, especially the bagpipes.

joueur/-euse de cornemuse
pipes noun plural

bagpipes or some similar instrument

He plays the pipes.
piping noun

the act of playing a musical pipe or pipes.

action de jouer du pipeau/de la cornemuse

(the act or process of conveying water, gas etc by means of) a length of pipe or number of pipes

lead piping
Piping the oil ashore will not be easy.
pipe dream

an idea which can only be imagined, and which would be impossible to carry out

château en Espagne
For most people a journey round the world is only a pipe dream.
pipeline noun

a long line of pipes used for conveying oil, gas, water etc

oléoduc, pipeline
an oil pipeline across the desert.
piping hot

very hot




to play (music) on a pipe or pipes

jouer (sur un pipeau, une cornemuse)
He piped a tune.

to speak in a high voice, make a high-pitched sound

dire d’une voix flûtée
‘Hallo,’ the little girl piped.

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