Übersetzung von “pity” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountablepity /ˈpɪti/
a feeling of great sympathy or sorrow toward sb because they are in a bad situation
pitié feminine

She felt pity for the people who had nothing left.
Elle ressentait de la pitié pour les gens qui n'avait plus rien.
it's a pity
used to say that you feel sorry or disappointed
c'est dommage

It's a pity nobody called me.
C'est dommage que personne ne m'ait appelé.
take pity on
to help sb you feel sorry for
prendre en pitié

A passing driver took pity on us and drove us to town.
Un conducteur qui passait nous a pris en pitié en nous a conduits en ville.


verb transitivepity /ˈpɪti/ ( pities, pitied )
to feel sorry or sympathy for

I pity those people who had to wait all night.
Je plains ces gens qui doivent attendre toute la nuit.

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noun /ˈpiti/

a feeling of sorrow for the troubles and sufferings of others

He felt a great pity for her.

a cause of sorrow or regret

What a pity (that) she can’t come.
piteous /ˈpitiəs/ adjective


a piteous cry/sight.
piteously adverb

piteousness noun

état piteux
pitiable adjective


He was in a pitiable condition
She made a pitiable attempt.
pitiably adverb

pitiful adjective

very sad; causing pity

a pitiful sight.

very poor, bad etc; causing contempt

a pitiful attempt
a pitiful amount of money.
pitifully adverb

pitifulness noun

état pitoyable
pitiless adjective

without pity

pitiless cruelty.
pitilessly adverb

pitilessness noun

absence de pitié
pityingly adverb

in a way which shows that one feels pity for someone

avec pitié
He looked at her pityingly.
have pity on

to feel pity for (someone because of something)

avoir pitié de
Have pity on the old man.
take pity on

to act kindly, or relent, towards (someone), from a feeling of pity

prendre pitié de
He took pity on the hungry children and gave them food.

(Übersetzung von “pity” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)