Übersetzung von “plant” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableplant /plænt, plɑnt/
a living thing with leaves and roots
plante feminine

plants in the garden
les plantes dans le jardin

a flowering plant
une plante fleurie
a large factory
usine feminine

a power/coal/nuclear plant
une centrale électrique/houillère/nucléaire


verb transitiveplant /plænt, plɑnt/
to put a plant or seeds into the ground to grow

residents planting trees in the neighborhood
des habitants plantant des arbres dans le quartier
to put firmly in place
(se) planter

She planted her feet and refused to move.
Elle se planta sur ses pieds et refusa de bouger.
to put sth illegal in sb's possession, so it is believed they are guilty of a crime

He swore someone had planted the drugs in his suitcase.
Il jura que quelqu'un avait dissimulé la drogue dans sa valise (pour l'incriminer).
to put a bomb somewhere

They planted a bomb outside the embassy.
Ils ont déposé une bombe à l'extérieur de l'ambassade.

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noun /plaːnt/

anything growing from the ground, having a stem, a root and leaves

flowering/tropical plants.

industrial machinery

installation, équipement
an engineering plant.

a factory.

plantation /plӕn-/ noun

a place that has been planted with trees.


a piece of land or estate for growing certain crops, especially cotton, sugar, rubber, tea and tobacco

He owned a rubber plantation in Malaysia.
planter noun

the owner of a plantation for growing tea, rubber etc

a tea-planter.



to make (a garden etc); to cause (a garden etc) to have (plants etc) growing in it

planter (de/en)
The garden was planted with shrubs
We’re going to plant an orchard.

to place heavily or firmly

(se) planter
He planted himself between her and the door.

to put in someone’s possession, especially as false evidence

cacher (pour faire incriminer)
He claimed that the police had planted the weapon on his brother.

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