Übersetzung von “plaster” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveplaster [ ˈplæstər, ˈplɑstər ]
to put plaster on walls, ceilings, etc.
plâtrer , faire les plâtres

He plastered the room in a day.
Il a fait les plâtres de la pièce en une journée.
(usually passive) to cover completely

walls plastered with advertisements
des murs couverts de publicités

He was plastered in sweat and dirt.
Il était couvert de transpiration et de crasse.


nounplaster /ˈplæstər, ˈplɑstər/
uncountable a substance used to create the surface of walls
plâtre masculine

a crack in the plaster
une fissure dans le plâtre
countable Brit Band-Aid
sparadrap masculine

a plaster for the cut on his finger
un sparadrap pour l'entaille sur son doigt

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noun /ˈplaːstə/

(also adjective ) (of) a substance put on walls, ceilings etc which dries to form a hard smooth surface

(de) plâtre
He mixed up some plaster to repair the wall
a plaster ceiling.

(also adjective ) (also plaster of Paris) (of) a similar quick-drying substance used for supporting broken limbs, making models etc

(en/de) plâtre
She’s got her arm in plaster
a plaster model.

(also sticking-plaster; American Band-Aid) (a piece of) sticky tape (sometimes with a dressing) used to cover a wound etc

pansement adhésif
You should put a plaster on that cut.
plasterer noun

a person whose job is to put plaster on walls, ceilings etc.

plastic /ˈplӕstik/ noun, adjective

(of) any of many chemically manufactured substances that can be moulded when still soft

This cup is made of plastic
a plastic cup.
plastic surgery (plastic surgeon)

chirurgie esthétique; chirurgien/-ienne esthétique



to spread or apply rather too thickly

(se) mettre une épaisse couche de
She’d look nicer if she didn’t plaster so much make-up on her face.

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