Die Übersetzung von "plaster" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈplaːstə/

(also adjective ) (of) a substance put on walls, ceilings etc which dries to form a hard smooth surface

(de) plâtre
He mixed up some plaster to repair the wall
a plaster ceiling.

(also adjective ) (also plaster of Paris) (of) a similar quick-drying substance used for supporting broken limbs, making models etc

(en/de) plâtre
She’s got her arm in plaster
a plaster model.

(also sticking-plaster; American Band-Aid) (a piece of) sticky tape (sometimes with a dressing) used to cover a wound etc

pansement adhésif
You should put a plaster on that cut.
plasterer noun

a person whose job is to put plaster on walls, ceilings etc.

plastic /ˈplӕstik/ noun, adjective

(of) any of many chemically manufactured substances that can be moulded when still soft

This cup is made of plastic
a plastic cup.
plastic surgery (plastic surgeon)

chirurgie esthétique; chirurgien/-ienne esthétique

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