Übersetzung von “plate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableplate /pleɪt/
a flat dish you eat food from
assiette feminine

food piled high on my plate
la nourriture empilée sur mon assiette
the amount of food a plate will hold
assiette feminine

a plate of pancakes
une assiette de crêpes
plural a license plate
plaque feminine d'immatriculation , plaque feminine minéralogique

a car with Iowa plates
une voiture avec des plaques minéralogiques / d'immatriculation de l'Iowa / immatriculée dans l'Iowa
a flat piece of metal added for strength
plaque feminine

a door reinforced with steel plates
une porte renforcée avec des plaques de métal

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noun /pleit/

a shallow dish for holding food etc

china plates.

a sheet of metal etc

The ship was built of steel plates.

articles made of, or plated with, usually gold or silver

a collection of gold plate.

a flat piece of metal inscribed with eg a name, for fixing to a door, or with a design etc, for use in printing.


an illustration in a book, usually on glossy paper

The book has ten full-colour plates.

(also dental plate) a piece of plastic that fits in the mouth with false teeth attached to it.


a sheet of glass etc coated with a sensitive film, used in photography.

plated adjective

covered with a thin layer of a different metal

gold-plated dishes.
plateful noun

the complete contents of a plate

a plateful of potatoes
two platefuls of chips.
plating noun

a thin covering of metal

plate glass

a kind of glass made in thick sheets for windows, mirrors etc.

verre à vitre (très épais)

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