Übersetzung von “plot” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounplot /plɒt/
countable-uncountable the outline of a story
intrigue feminine

The plot was very complicated.
L'intrigue était très compliquée.

plot and characters
intrigue et personnages
countable a secret plan to do sth bad
complot masculine , conspiration feminine

a plot to blow up an office building
un complot pour faire sauter un immeuble de bureaux

an assassination plot
un complot d'assassinat

the plot against the President
la conspiration / le complot contre le président


verbplot /plɒt/ ( plotting, plotted )
transitive-intransitive to secretly plan to do sth bad
comploter , conspirer

a group that was plotting to attack a school
un groupe qui complotait pour attaquer une école
transitive to mark the progress, development, etc. of sth on a chart, map, etc.

teachers plotting their students' progress
des professeurs relevant les progrès de leurs étudiants

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noun /plot/

a plan, especially for doing something evil; a conspiracy

a plot to assassinate the President.

the story of a play, novel etc

The play has a very complicated plot.

a small piece of land eg for use as a gardening area or for building a house on

a building plot.


verb (past tense, past participle plotted)

to make a plan, map, graph etc of

The navigator plotted the course of the ship.

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