Übersetzung von “plug” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableplug /plʌg/
the end of an electric cable where it connects to an electrical supply
prise feminine de courant

Put the plug in that outlet.
Mets la prise de courant dans cette prise.
an occasion when sb promotes sth
promotion feminine

a plug for his new movie
une promotion pour son nouveau film
an object that stops water flowing out of a sink or bathtub
bonde feminine

to pull out the plug
enlever la bonde


verb transitiveplug /plʌg/ ( plugging, plugged )
to promote
faire la promotion

She's plugging her new novel on TV talk shows.
Elle fait la promotion de son nouveau roman dans des débats télévisés.
to block a hole or pipe

Something is plugging the toilet.
Quelque chose bouche les toilettes.

Plug the hole with towels to keep the cold out.
Bouche le trou avec des serviettes pour empêcher le froid d'entrer.
be plugged
(of a sink or toilet) blocked
être bouché/-ée

The sink is plugged.
L'évier est bouché.

plug away

verb phrasalplug away [ ˈplʌg əˈweɪ ]
to continue to work to achieve sth difficult

Keep plugging away - you'll get through it eventually.
Continue à bûcher, tu finiras par y arriver.

plug in/into

verb phrasalplug in/into [ ˈplʌg ˈɪn/ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
to connect to an electricity supply

Where can I plug my computer in?
Où puis-je brancher mon ordinateur ?

Plug in the coffee machine.
Branche la machine à café.

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noun /plaɡ/

a device for putting into a mains socket in order to allow an electric current to flow through the appliance to which it is attached by cable

She changed the plug on the electric kettle.

an object shaped for fitting into the hole in a bath or sink to prevent the water from running away, or a piece of material for blocking any hole.

The bath plug in our hotel room was missing.
plug in

to connect up (an electrical apparatus) by inserting its plug into a socket

Could you plug in the electric kettle?

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