Übersetzung von “point” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpoint /pɔɪnt/
countable a particular moment in time
moment masculine

At that point I was feeling pretty nervous.
A ce moment, je me sentais drôlement nerveux.

We should call them at some point soon.
Nous devrions bientôt les appeler à un moment donné.
countable a particular place or position
point masculine

Choose a point on the map and circle it.
Choisissez un point sur la carte et entourez-le.
countable a stage in a process
point masculine , stade masculine

boiling point
point d'ébullition

At what point do children start losing their baby teeth?
A quel stade les enfants commencent-ils à perdre leurs dents de lait ?
uncountable singular a goal or intention
intérêt masculine

What's the point of this discussion?
Quel est l'intérêt de cette discussion ?

I don't see the point of asking when we know she'll say "no."
Je ne vois pas l'intérêt de / à quoi bon le lui demander quand nous savons qu'elle dira "non".
no point
qui ne sert à rien

There's no point in complaining.
Cela ne sert à rien de se plaindre.
countable an opinion or idea
point masculine

There are several important points in the report.
Il y a plusieurs points importants dans le compte-rendu.
singular what sb is trying to explain
ce que qqn veut dire

My point is that none of this will help the situation.
Ce que je veux dire, c'est que rien de tout cela n'améliorera la situation.
miss the point
to fail to understand what sb is trying to explain
ne pas comprendre

You're missing the point. I didn't say I wanted to start again.
Vous ne comprenez pas. Je n'ai pas dit que je voulais recommencer.
countable a quality or feature
point masculine

There are good points and bad points to each option.
Il y a des bons points et des mauvais points dans chaque option.
strong point
a good thing about sb or sth
point masculine fort

Communication is one of your strong points.
La communication est l'un de vos points forts.
countable a unit that shows the score in sports and games
point masculine

How many points do you need to win?
De combien de points avez-vous besoin pour gagner ?

to score a point
marquer un point
countable the end or tip of a sharp object
pointe feminine

the point of the knife
la pointe du couteau
countable a unit used to measure
point masculine

The stock market fell by 1 point today.
La Bourse a chuté d'un point aujourd'hui.
spoken singular used to indicate a decimal point when you speak
virgule feminine

ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%)
quatre-vingt-dix-neuf virgule neuf pour cent (99,9%)
make a point of
to intend or be sure to do sth
mettre un point d'honneur à

She makes a point of stopping to talk to her employees every morning.
Elle met un point d'honneur à arrêter de parler à ses employés chaque matin.
on the point of
about to
sur le point de

She was on the point of leaving when he arrived.
Elle était sur le point de partir quand il arriva.
point of view
an opinion or judgment
point masculine de vue

other people's points of view
les points de vue des autres personnes

From my point of view, it'd be better to meet in the morning.
De mon point de vue, ce serait mieux de se retrouver le matin.
to the point
expressing sth without unnecessary detail
au fait

I'll be brief and to the point.
Je serai bref et j'irai au fait.
up to a point
to some degree, but not entirely
jusqu'à un certain point

He's right up to a point, but I don't agree with everything he says.
Il a raison jusqu'à un certain point mais je ne suis pas d'accord avec tout ce qu'il dit.


verbpoint /pɔɪnt/
transitive-intransitive to indicate with your finger or a long object
montrer/indiquer du doigt

Don't point, it's rude.
Ne montre pas du doigt, c'est impoli.

He was pointing at/to the door.
Il indiquait la porte du doigt.
intransitive to be in a position that indicates a particular direction

The big hand is pointing to the five.
La grande aiguille indiquait cinq heures.
transitive to aim sth at sb or sth
pointer , braquer

He was pointing the gun at the man's head.
Il pointait/braquait le revolver sur la tête de l'homme.

point out

verb phrasalpoint out [ ˈpɔɪnt ˈaʊt ]
to emphasize sth by saying it
faire remarquer

I'd like to point out that I do not support these changes.
J'aimerais faire remarquer que je ne soutiens pas ces changements.
to show who sb is or where sth is
montrer , indiquer

You'll have to point out his parents to me when they get here.
Tu devras me montrer ses parents quand ils arriveront.

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noun /point/

the sharp end of anything

the point of a pin
a sword point
at gunpoint (= threatened by a gun).

a piece of land that projects into the sea etc

The ship came round Lizard Point.

a small round dot or mark (.)

a decimal point
five point three six (= 5.36)
In punctuation, a point is another name for a full stop.

an exact place or spot

When we reached this point of the journey, we stopped to rest.

an exact moment

moment précis
Her husband walked in at that point.

a place on a scale especially of temperature

the boiling point of water.

a division on a compass eg north, south-west etc.


a mark in scoring a competition, game, test etc

He has won by five points to two.

a particular matter for consideration or action

point; propos
The first point we must decide is, where to meet
That’s a good point
You’ve missed the point
That’s the whole point
We’re wandering away from the point.

(a) purpose or advantage

sens, raison
There’s no point (in) asking me – I don’t know.

a personal characteristic or quality

qualités; défauts
We all have our good points and our bad ones.

an electrical socket in a wall etc into which a plug can be put

prise électrique
Is there only one electrical point in this room?
pointed adjective

having a sharp end

a pointed nose
pointed shoes.
pointer noun

a long stick used to indicate places on a large map etc.


an indicator on a dial

The pointer is on/at zero.

a hint; a suggestion

Give me some pointers on how to do it.
pointless adjective

having no meaning or purpose

futile, vain
a pointless journey.
pointlessly adverb

en vain
points noun plural

a movable section of rails which allow a train to cross over other lines or pass from one line to another

The points had to be changed before the train could continue.

the solid tips in the toes of ballet shoes

She can dance on her points.
be on the point of

to be about to (do something)

être sur le point de
I was on the point of going out when the telephone rang.
come to the point

(also get to the point) to reach the most important consideration in a conversation etc

(en) venir au fait
He talked and talked, but never came to the point.

(only with itas subject) to arrive at the moment when something must be done

quand vient le temps (de)
He always promises to help, but when it comes to the point he’s never there.
make a point of

to be especially careful to (do something)

se faire un devoir de
I’ll make a point of asking her today.
make one’s point

to state one’s opinion persuasively

faire ressortir un argument
She used a graph of the last month’s sales figures to make her point.
point out

to indicate or draw attention to

faire remarquer
He pointed out his house to her
I pointed out that we needed more money.
point one’s toes

to stretch the foot out, shaping the toes into a point, when dancing etc.

faire des pointes



to call attention to something especially by stretching the index finger in its direction

montrer du doigt
He pointed (his finger) at the door
He pointed to a sign.

to fill worn places in (a stone or brick wall etc) with mortar.


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