Übersetzung von “pole” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepole /poʊl/
a stick used to hold sth up
mât masculine

The tent has six poles.
La tente a six mâts.

a flag pole
un mât
the North Pole or the South Pole
pôle masculine

to walk from pole to pole
marcher de pôle à pôle

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noun /pəul/

the north or south end of the Earth’s axis

the North/South Pole.

the points in the heavens opposite the Earth’s North and South Poles, around which stars seem to turn.


either of the opposite ends of a magnet

The opposite poles of magnets attract each other.

either of the opposite terminals of an electric battery

the positive/negative pole.
polar adjective

of the earth’s North or South Pole or the region around it

the polar ice-cap
the polar region.
polar bear

a type of bear found near the North Pole.

ours polaire
be poles apart

to be as different or as far apart as possible

être aux antipodes (l’un de l’autre)
The management and the union are currently poles apart with little chance of an early settlement of the dispute.


noun /pəul/

a long, thin, rounded piece of wood, metal etc

poteau, mât
a telegraph pole
a tent pole.
pole-vault noun

(in athletics etc) a type of jump made with the help of a pole.

saut à la perche

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