Übersetzung von “pop” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpop /pɒp/
uncountable a type of modern popular music
pop feminine

a pop hit
un tube pop
pop star
a singer of pop music
pop star feminine
countable a sudden short sound like sth exploding
pan masculine

the pop of a balloon bursting
le pan d'un ballon qui éclate
uncountable =soda; sweet drinks with tiny bubbles
soda masculine

a bottle of pop
une bouteille de soda


verbpop /pɒp/ ( popping, popped )
transitive-intransitive to make a loud short noise like a small explosion
faire pan

The engine was clicking and popping.
Le moteur faisait de clic et des pan.
transitive-intransitive to burst

Let's pop all the balloons.
Faisons éclater tous les ballons.

bubbles popping on the surface
des bulles éclatant à la surface
transitive to quickly put somewhere

He popped a candy into his mouth.
Il fourra un bonbon dans sa bouche.
intransitive Brit to quickly and briefly go somewhere
faire un saut

I'll pop into the house - you wait here.
Je vais faire un saut dans la maison ; tu restes là.

pop up

verb phrasalpop up [ ˈpɒp ˈʌp ]
to move suddenly into a raised position
remonter brusquement

The button pops up when the bread is toasted.
Le bouton remonte brusquement quand le pain est grillé.
to appear suddenly

new buildings popping up all over the city
de nouveaux immeubles surgissant partout dans la ville

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noun /pop/

a sharp, quick, explosive noise, such as that made by a cork as it comes out of a bottle

The paper bag burst with a loud pop.

fizzy drink

boisson gazeuse
a bottle of pop.
popcorn noun

a kind of maize that bursts open when it is heated, and is eaten either sweetened or salted.

maïs soufflé
pop-gun noun

a toy gun that fires pellets by means of compressed air.

pistolet à bouchon/air
pop up

to appear

I never know where he’ll pop up next.


verb (past tense, past participle popped)

to spring upwards or outwards

sortir tout à coup, surgir
His eyes nearly popped out of his head in amazement.

to go quickly and briefly somewhere

He popped out to buy a newspaper.

put quickly

He popped the letter into his pocket.


adjective /pop/

(short for popular)

(of music) written, played etc in a modern style.


of, or related to, pop music

a pop group
a pop singer
pop records.

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