Übersetzung von “port” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounport /pɔrt, poʊrt/
countable-uncountable an area of water in a coastal city where boats and ships come in from the ocean
port masculine

a fishing port
un port de pêche

the port authorities
les autorités portuaires

the historic port of Liverpool
le port historique de Liverpool

The ship is in port for repairs.
Le bateau est au port pour des réparations.
uncountable a strong wine drunk at the end of a meal
porto masculine

a glass of port
un verre de porto

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noun /poːt/

(usually without aor the) a harbour

The ship came into port
We reached port next morning.

a town with a harbour

the port of Hull.


noun /poːt/

the left side of a ship or aircraft

(de) bâbord; (de) gauche
The helmsman steered the ship to port
(also adjective) the port wing.


noun /poːt/

a strong, dark-red, sweet wine originally from Portugal

a glass of port

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