Übersetzung von “possible” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivepossible /ˈpɒsəbəl/
≠impossible; able to happen, exist, or be done

It's not possible for humans to fly.
Il n'est pas possible aux humains de voler.

Is it possible to enter the country without a passport?
Est-il possible d'entrer dans le pays sans passeport ?
as much/little/often etc. as possible
autant / aussi peu/souvent etc. que possible

Get here as soon as possible.
Viens ici aussitôt que possible.
Would it be possible ...?
spoken used to politely ask if sb can do sth
Serait-il possible...?

Would it be possible to turn the music down a little?
Serait-il possible de baisser un peu la musique ?
likely or able to be imagined

a possible answer to the problem
une réponse possible à ce problème

It's possible that I left it at home.
Il est possible que je quitte la maison.

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adjective /ˈposəbl/

able to happen or be done

It’s possible that the train will be delayed
We’ll come as soon as possible
I’ll do everything possible
She did the only possible thing in the circumstances.

satisfactory; acceptable

I’ve thought of a possible solution to the problem.
possibility noun (plural possibilities)

something that is possible; the state of being possible; (a) likelihood

There isn’t much possibility of that happening
There’s a possibility of war
The plan has possibilities (= looks as if it may be a good one).
possibly adverb


peut-être (bien)
‘Will you have time to do it?’ ‘Possibly.’

in a way or manner that is possible

en son possible
I’ll come as fast as I possibly can
I can’t possibly eat any more
Could you possibly lend me your pen?

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