Übersetzung von “pot” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepot /pɒt/
a round container for cooking
marmite feminine , casserole feminine

a pot of boiling water
une casserole d'eau bouillante

pots and pans
des casseroles / une batterie de cuisine
a container used for food or drink, or the amount the container will hold
pot masculine , casserole feminine , marmite feminine , cafetière feminine , théière feminine

a coffee/tea pot
une cafetière/théière

two pots of steaming hot coffee
deux pots de café fumant
( flower pot,) a container for growing plants in
pot masculine de fleur

Put the soil in the pot.
Mettez la terre dans le pot.
informal marijuana
herbe feminine

She doesn't smoke pot.
Elle ne fume pas d'herbe.

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noun /pot/

any one of many kinds of deep container used in cooking, for holding food, liquids etc or for growing plants

a cooking pot
a plant pot
a jam-pot
The waiter brought her a pot of tea.
potted adjective

(of food) pressed into a pot or jar in order to preserve it

en pot/terrine
potted meat.

contained in a pot

en pot
a potted plant.

brief; summarized

a potted history of Britain.
pothole noun

a hole or cave made in rock by the action of swirling water.

marmite de géants

a hole worn in a road-surface.

take pot luck

to take whatever happens to be available, eg as an unexpected guest at a meal-time

manger à la fortune du pot
It’s best to reserve a table in advance if you want to eat here, but many people take pot luck and eat at a table in the bar.

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