Übersetzung von “pound” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepound /paʊnd/
a unit for measuring weight equal to .454 kilograms
livre feminine

a baby weighing 8 pounds
un bébé pesant 8 livres
the unit of money used in Britain and other countries, with the symbol ( £)
livre feminine

It only cost a few pounds.
Ça coûte seulement quelques livres.
( pound key,) the symbol (#), found on keyboards and phones
dièse masculine

Enter your password followed by pound.
Entrez votre mot de passe suivi de dièse.


verbpound /paʊnd/
transitive-intransitive to hit repeatedly with force
marteler , pilonner

police pounding on the door
les policiers martelant la porte

Huge guns pounding the city.
Les énormes canons pilonnant la ville.
intransitive (of sb's heart) to beat quickly
battre la chamade

My heart was pounding with fear.
De peur, mon cœur battait la chamade.

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noun /paund/

(also pound sterling

livre sterling
usually abbreviated to $L when written with a number) the standard unit of British currency, 100 (new) pence.

(usually abbreviated to lb(s)when written with a number) a measure of weight (0.454 kilograms).



noun /paund/

an enclosure or pen into which stray animals are put

a dog pound.


verb /paund/

to hit or strike heavily; to thump

frapper fermement (sur qqch.)
He pounded at the door
The children were pounding on the piano.

to walk or run heavily

marcher/courir d’un pas lourd
He pounded down the road.

to break up (a substance) into powder or liquid

piler, broyer
She pounded the dried herbs.

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