Übersetzung von “power” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpower /ˈpaʊər/
uncountable the ability to control or influence people
pouvoir masculine , puissance feminine

political power
pouvoir politique

the power of hope
la puissance de l'espoir

the media's power over what we know and do not know
le pouvoir des médias sur ce que nous savons et ce que nous ne savons pas
countable the authority of a person or organization to do sth
pouvoir masculine , autorité feminine

the power of the court to overturn the ruling
l'autorité de la cour d'annuler le jugement

the government's power to monitor phone and email transmissions
le pouvoir du gouvernement de contrôler les transmissions par téléphone et par e-mail
uncountable energy used to produce electricity, or the electricity itself
énergie feminine , courant masculine , électricité feminine

homes running on wind/solar power
des maisons fonctionnant à l'énergie éolienne/solaire

The power went off for a few minutes.
Le courant a été coupé pendant quelques minutes.
countable-uncountable sb's ability to do sth
capacité feminine , faculté feminine , pouvoir masculine

patients who have lost the power of speech
les patients qui ont perdu l'usage de la parole

She did everything in her power to help us.
Elle a fait tout ce qui était en son pouvoir pour nous aider.

the superhero with his amazing powers
le super-héros avec ses pouvoirs étonnants
uncountable strength or force
puissance feminine

the military's superior power in the air
la puissance militaire aérienne supérieure

the power of the hurricane's winds
la puissance des vents de l'ouragan
countable a country with influence over others
puissance feminine

a nuclear power
une puissance nucléaire
the powers that be
the people in authority
les autorités feminine plural

The powers that be have decided we don't have enough money.
Les autorités ont décidé que nous n'avons pas assez d'argent.


verb transitivepower /ˈpaʊər/
to give energy to
faire fonctionner

the motor that powers the engine
le moteur qui fait fonctionner la machine

power up

verb phrasalpower up [ ˈpaʊər ˈʌp ]
informal to turn on a supply of energy

Power up the computers.
Allumez les ordinateurs.


adjectivepower /ˈpaʊər/ (always before n)
running on electricity or with a motor

power tools
des outils électriques

a power boat
un bateau à moteur

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noun /ˈpauə/

(an) ability

pouvoir, faculté
A witch has magic power
A cat has the power of seeing in the dark
He no longer has the power to walk.

strength, force or energy

muscle power
water power
(also adjective) a power tool (=a tool operated by electricity etc. not by hand).

authority or control

political groups fighting for power
How much power does the Queen have?
I have him in my power at last

a right belonging to eg a person in authority

The police have the power of arrest.

a person with great authority or influence

personne influente
He is quite a power in the town.

a strong and influential country

the Western powers.

the result obtained by multiplying a number by itself a given number of times

2  2  2 or 23 is the third power of 2, or 2 to the power of 3.
powered adjective

supplied with mechanical power

actionné (mécaniquement, électriquement…)
The machine is powered by electricity
an electrically-powered machine.
powerful adjective

having great strength, influence etc

a powerful engine
He’s powerful in local politics.
powerfully adverb

powerfulness noun

powerless adjective

having no power

The king was powerless to prevent the execution.
powerlessness noun

power cut/failure

a break in the electricity supply

panne de courant
We had a power cut last night.
power-driven adjective

worked by electricity or other mechanical means, not by hand

à moteur
power-driven machinery.
power point

a socket on a wall etc into which an electric plug can be fitted.

prise de courant
power station

a building where electricity is produced

centrale électrique
a nuclear power station.
be in power

(of a political party) to be the governing party

être au pouvoir
The National Party is currently in power.

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