Übersetzung von “practical” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivepractical /ˈpræktɪkəl/
relating to real situations, not theories
pratique , concret/-ète

students who need practical advice about how to get a job
les étudiants qui ont besoin de conseils pratiques sur la façon d'obtenir un emploi

practical money skills
des compétences concrètes en matière financière
appropriate and sensible
pragmatique , sensé/-ée

It's not practical to buy another computer.
Ça n'est pas sensé d'acheter un autre ordinateur.

a practical decision
une décision pragmatique
(of a person) good at thinking in a sensible way
qui a le sens des réalités

She's very practical with her money.
Elle a vraiment le sens des réalités avec son argent.
Brit (of a person) good at making or fixing things
habile de ses mains

He's not very practical.
Il n'est pas très habile de ses mains.
for all practical purposes
indicates sth is the same as what is being described in almost every way
en pratique

Shutting the library means another community resource is, for all practical purposes, gone.
Fermer la bibliothèque signifie, qu'en pratique, une autre des ressources de la communauté a disparu.

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adjective /ˈprӕktikəl/

concerned with the doing of something

practical difficulties
His knowledge is practical rather than theoretical.

(of a thing, idea etc) useful; effective

You must try to find a practical answer to the problem.

(negative unpractical) (of a person) able to do or deal with things well or efficiently

qui a le sens pratique
He can look after himself – he’s a very practical child.
practicality /ˈkӕ-/ noun

sens pratique
practically adverb


The room was practically full.

in a practical way

en pratique
Practically, it’s more difficult than you think.
practical joke

a usually irritating joke consisting of an action done to someone, rather than a story told

He nailed my chair to the floor as a practical joke.

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