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practice, Brit practise /ˈpræktɪs/ noun countable-uncountable
time or an occasion spent improving a skill by doing it repeatedly
pratique feminine , entraînement masculine

It takes a lot of practice to be a dancer.
Cela demande beaucoup de pratique pour être danseur.

With practice your driving will become more automatic.
Avec la pratique / l'entraînement ta conduite deviendra plus automatique.

football practice after school
l'entraînement de football après l'école
out of practice
not having done much practice, and so not as good as before

"Do you speak French?" "Yes, but I'm completely out of practice."
"Parlez-vous français ?" "Oui mais je suis complètement rouillé."
uncountable real situations, not ones that exist only in theory
pratique feminine

This is an idea that will work in practice.
C'est une idée qui marchera en pratique.
put into practice
to make an idea happen
mettre en pratique

new ideas that the company is putting into practice
les nouvelles idées que l'entreprise met en pratique
countable-uncountable a usual or traditional way of doing sth, or the thing that is done
pratique feminine

ethical business practices
les pratiques éthiques des entreprises

groups working to end the practice of employing children
des groupes travaillant à ce que cesse la pratique d'employer des enfants

It is common practice to buy votes in this country.
C'est une pratique commune d'acheter des votes dans ce pays.
uncountable the profession of being a doctor, lawyer, or dentist
exercice masculine

How long have you been in practice?
Depuis combien de temps exercez-vous ?

the practice of law
l'exercice de la loi
countable the office of a doctor, lawyer, or dentist
cabinet masculine

a dental practice on Main Street
un cabinet de dentiste sur Main Street


practice, Brit practise
transitive-intransitive to improve a skill by doing it repeatedly

You'll get better at it if you practice.
Tu t'amélioreras si tu t'entraînes.

She's practicing her jump shot.
Elle s'entraîne au saut.
transitive-intransitive to work as a doctor, lawyer, or dentist
exercer , pratiquer

Is Dr. Lawrence still practicing?
Le Dr. Lawrence exerce-t-il encore ?

She hopes to practice medicine some day.
Elle espère pratiquer un jour la médecine.
transitive to regularly behave in a particular way

encouraging people to practice safe sex
encourageant les gens à pratiquer le sexe en toute sécurité

to practice a religion
pratiquer une religion
practice what you preach
to do what you tell others to do
prêcher par l'exemple

If you don't practice what you preach, why should your children listen to you?
Si tu ne prêches pas par l'exemple, pourquoi les enfants devraient-ils t'écouter ?

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noun /ˈprӕktis/

the actual doing of something, as opposed to the theory or idea

In theory the plan should work, but in practice there are a lot of difficulties.

the usual way(s) of doing things; (a) habit or custom

It was his usual practice to rise at 6.00 a.m.

the repeated performance or exercise of something in order to learn to do it well

exercice, entraînement
She has musical talent, but she needs a lot of practice
Have a quick practice before you start.

a doctor’s or lawyer’s business

clientèle, cabinet
He has a practice in Southampton.
be in / out of practice

(not) having had a lot of practice recently

être bien entraîné; être rouillé
I haven’t played the piano for months – I’m very out of practice.
make a practice of

to do (something) habitually

avoir l’habitude de
He makes a practice of arriving late at parties.
put into practice

to do, as opposed to planning etc

mettre en pratique
He never gets the chance to put his ideas into practice.
practice is a noun: practice (not practise) makes perfect.

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