Übersetzung von “press” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpress /prɛs/
transitive-intransitive to push with your fingers
appuyer sur

Press one to hear this message again.
Appuyez sur un pour réécouter ce message.

Press down on the lid to seal.
Appuyez sur le couvercle pour fermer.
transitive-intransitive to push sth against sth
presser , appuyer

people pressing against each other on the subway
des gens se pressant les uns contre les autres dans le métro

She pressed her face to the window, trying to see.
Elle appuya son visage contre la vitre, essayant de voir.
transitive to try repeatedly to make sb do sth
faire pression sur

His family was pressing him to take the money.
Sa famille faisait pression sur lui pour qu'il prenne l'argent.

press for

verb phrasalpress for [ ˈprɛs ˌfɔr ]
to ask repeatedly for sth to happen
faire pression pour obtenir

Congress has been pressing for better food safety.
Le Congrès a fait pression pour obtenir une meilleure sécurité alimentaire.


nounpress /prɛs/
the press singular
reporters and other people who work for news organizations
la presse

the local/national press
la presse locale/nationale

to answer questions for the press
donner une conférence de presse

a story recently in the press
une histoire dans la presse récente
countable ( printing press,) a machine that prints books, newspapers, etc.
presse feminine

newspapers coming off the presses
des journaux sortant des presses
countable a device that squeezes sth
pressoir masculine

a garlic press
un presse-ail

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verb /pres/

to use a pushing motion (against)

appuyer sur, presser
Press the bell twice!
The children pressed close to their mother.

to squeeze; to flatten

écraser, presser
The grapes are pressed to extract the juice.

to urge or hurry

pousser à
He pressed her to enter the competition.

to insist on

presser qqn de
The printers are pressing their claim for higher pay.

to iron

Your trousers need to be pressed.
pressing adjective


urgent, pressant
a pressing invitation.
press conference

a meeting in which information is given to journalists

conférence de presse
press cutting noun

an article cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

coupure de presse
be hard pressed

to be in difficulties

être à la dernière extrémité
He’s hard pressed financially.
be pressed for

to be short of

être à court de
I must hurry – I’m pressed for time.
press for

to try to get; to keep demanding

réclamer avec insistance
The miners are pressing for higher wages.
press forward/on

to continue (in spite of difficulties)

persévérer dans
She pressed on with her work.



(also printing-press) a printing machine.


newspapers in general

(de) presse
It was reported in the press
(also adjective) a press photographer.

the people who work on newspapers and magazines; journalists

The press is/are always interested in the private lives of famous people.

a device or machine for pressing

a wine press
a flower press.

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