Die Übersetzung von "press" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /pres/

to use a pushing motion (against)

appuyer sur, presser
Press the bell twice!
The children pressed close to their mother.

to squeeze; to flatten

écraser, presser
The grapes are pressed to extract the juice.

to urge or hurry

pousser à
He pressed her to enter the competition.

to insist on

presser qqn de
The printers are pressing their claim for higher pay.

to iron

Your trousers need to be pressed.
pressing adjective


urgent, pressant
a pressing invitation.
press conference

a meeting in which information is given to journalists

conférence de presse
press cutting noun

an article cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

coupure de presse
be hard pressed

to be in difficulties

être à la dernière extrémité
He’s hard pressed financially.
be pressed for

to be short of

être à court de
I must hurry – I’m pressed for time.
press for

to try to get; to keep demanding

réclamer avec insistance
The miners are pressing for higher wages.
press forward/on

to continue (in spite of difficulties)

persévérer dans
She pressed on with her work.

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