Übersetzung von “pressure” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpressure /ˈprɛʃər/
uncountable repeated demands or attempts to persuade
pression feminine

diplomats putting pressure on the government's leaders
des diplomates mettant la pression sur les chefs des gouvernements
under pressure
dealing with pressure
sous pression

Employees are under a lot of pressure to work quickly.
Les employés subissent une forte pression pour travailler vite.
countable-uncountable the feeling produced by too much work or worry
pression feminine

the pressures of her job
les pressions de son travail
under pressure
dealing with pressure
sous pression

Do you perform well under pressure?
Est-ce que tu obtiens de bons résultats quand tu es sous pression ?
uncountable the force of one thing pushing on another
pression feminine

Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.
Exercez une pression sur la blessure pour arrêter le saignement.
uncountable the force that liquid or gas produces
pression feminine

Pressure builds up in the pipes.
La pression s'accumule dans les tuyaux.

Check your tire pressure.
Vérifiez la pression de vos pneus.


verb transitivepressure /ˈprɛʃər/
to demand or try to persuade
faire pression sur

The group is pressuring the city to reopen the case.
Le groupe fait pression sur la ville pour rouvrir le procès.

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noun /ˈpreʃə/

(the amount of force exerted by) the action of pressing

Apply pressure to the cut in order to stop it bleeding
A barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

(a) strain or stress

The pressures of her work are sometimes too much for her.

strong persuasion; compulsion or force

(sous) pression
He agreed under pressure.
pressurize verb ( pressurise)

to fit (an aeroplane etc) with a device that keeps air pressure normal

The cabins have all been pressurized

to force

forcer à, contraindre de
He was pressurized into agreeing to the deal.
pressure cooker

a type of saucepan in which food is cooked quickly by steam kept under great pressure.


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