Die Übersetzung von "presume" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /prəˈzjuːm/

to believe that something is true without proof; to take for granted

présumer, supposer
When I found the room empty, I presumed that you had gone home
‘Has he gone?’ ‘I presume so.’

to be bold enough (to act without the right, knowledge etc to do so)

se permettre de
I wouldn’t presume to advise someone as clever as you.
presumably adverb

I presume

She’s not in her office – presumably she went home early.
presumption /-ˈzamp-/ noun

something presumed

She married again, on the presumption that her first husband was dead.

unsuitable boldness, eg in one’s behaviour towards another person

It would be presumptuous to expect her to agree automatically to your proposal.
presumptuous /-ˈzamptjuəs, (American) -ˈzamptʃuəs/ adjective
presumptuousness noun

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