Übersetzung von “prevail” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveprevail /prɪˈveɪl/
to win or have the most influence

hopes that peace will prevail
les espoirs que la paix l'emportera

Bailey prevailed over his main rival in the 100m.
Bailey l'a emporté son son principal rival dans le 100m
to be common or usual

During the early 20th century racism prevailed in Europe and America.
Durant le début du 20ème siècle, le racisme a régné en Europe et en Amérique.

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verb /priˈveil/

(with overor against) to win or succeed

l’emporter (de, sur)
With God’s help we shall prevail over sin and wickedness
Truth must prevail in the end.

to be most usual or common

avoir cours
This mistaken belief still prevails in some parts of the country.
prevailing adjective

most frequent

The prevailing winds are from the west.

common or widespread at the present time

du jour
the prevailing mood of discontent among young people.
prevalent /ˈprevələnt/ adjective

common; widespread

Lung diseases used to be prevalent among miners.
prevalence /ˈprevələns/ noun

prevail on/upon

to persuade

persuader de
Can I prevail on you to stay for supper?

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