Übersetzung von “process” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableprocess /ˈprɒsɛs/
a set of actions done to achieve sth
processus masculine

Quitting smoking can be difficult process.
Arrêter de fumer peut être un processus difficile.

the process of grieving
le processus de deuil
a series of stages in the natural development of sth
processus masculine

the learning/aging process
le processus d'apprentissage / de vieillissement
in the process of
currently doing
en cours de

We're in the process of building a new house.
Nous sommes en train de construire une nouvelle maison.


verb transitiveprocess /ˈprɒsɛs, ˈproʊsɛs/
to carry out the different parts of an official process

It takes a week to process the applications.
Cela prend une semaine pour développer les applications.
to use a computer to calculate, organize, etc. information

The program will process the statistics.
Le programme va traiter les statistiques.
to alter by treating with chemicals

processed cheese
fromage fondu
process of elimination
a way of finding sth out by considering all the possibilities until there is only one left
procéder par élimination


noun uncountableprocessing /ˈprɒsɛsɪŋ, ˈproʊsɛs-/
traitement masculine

the poultry processing industry
l'élevage en batterie de volailles

payment/information processing
traitement des paiements/informations

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noun /ˈprəuses, (American) ˈpro-/

a method or way of manufacturing things

We are using a new process to make glass.

a series of events that produce change or development

The process of growing up can be difficult for a child
the digestive processes.

a course of action undertaken

Carrying him down the mountain was a slow process.
processed adjective

(of food) treated in a special way

préparé industriellement
processed cheese/peas.
in the process of

in the course of

en train de, au cours de
He is in the process of changing jobs
These goods were damaged in the process of manufacture.

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