Übersetzung von “proportion” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounproportion /prəˈpɔrʃən, -ˈpoʊr-/
countable a part of a whole measured as a percentage
proportion feminine , pourcentage masculine

What proportion of the students are Hispanic?
Quel pourcentage des étudiants est hispanique ?

foods with a high proportion of fat
des aliments avec un pourcentage élevé de graisse
uncountable =ratio; indicates a comparison of the amount or quantity of two things
proportion feminine

How much salt is there in proportion to water in ocean water?
Combien de sel y-a-t'il proportionnellement à l'eau dans l'eau de l'océan ?
countable-uncountable the correct or best relationship between parts
proportion feminine
in proportion to
compared in terms of proportion
proportionnellement à

The buildings are too large in proportion to the scenery in the painting.
Les bâtiments sont trop grands proportionnellement au paysage dans le tableau.
out of proportion
not having the correct or best relationship between parts

The car's tiny wheels looked all out of proportion.
Les roues minuscules de la voiture semblaient disproportionnées.
proportions plural
the size or shape of sth
proportions feminine plural

the house's beautiful proportions
les belles proportions de la maison

a failure of enormous proportions
un échec d'envergure colossale
uncountable the importance of sth compared to other things
mesure feminine

I think we're overreacting - let's try to maintain a sense of proportion.
Je pense que nous réagissons de manière excessive ; essayons de garder le sens de la mesure.
keep in proportion
to understand the relative importance of sth
garder le sens de la mesure

Let's keep it in proportion - it's not a big problem.
Essayons de garder le sens de la mesure ; ce n'est pas un gros problème.
out of proportion
not having a balanced view of the importance of sth
hors de proportion

Nervous parents have blown the issue out of proportion.
Des parents inquiets ont enflé le problème hors de proportion.

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noun /prəˈpoːʃən/

a part (of a total amount)

proportion, pourcentage
Only a small proportion of the class passed the exam.

the (correct) quantity, size, number etc (of one thing compared with that of another)

For this dish, the butter and flour should be in the proportion of three to four (=eg 300 grammes of butter with every 400 grammes of flour).
proportional adjective

proportionally adverb

proportionate /-nət/ adjective

being in correct proportion

proportionné (à)
Are her wages really proportionate to the amount of work she does?
proportionately adverb

be/get etc in proportion (to)

to (cause to) have a correct relationship (to each other or something else)

être bien proportionnée; respecter les proportions
In drawing a person, it is difficult to get all the parts of the body in proportion.
be/get etc out of (all) proportion (to)

to (cause to) have an incorrect relationship (to each other or something else)

être disproportionné à/avec; ne pas respecter les proportions
An elephant’s tail seems out of (all) proportion to the rest of its body.
in proportion to

in relation to; in comparison with

en proportion de
You spend far too much time on that work in proportion to its importance.

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