Übersetzung von “protect” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveprotect /prəˈtɛkt/
to keep safe or in good condition

Naturally, parents want to protect their children.
Naturellement, les parents veulent protéger leurs enfants.

a cover that protects the bike from the rain
une bâche qui protège le vélo de la pluie

medical treatment that protects against the disease
le traitement médical qui protège contre la maladie

a forest that is protected by the government
une forêt qui est protégée par le gouvernement

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verb /prəˈtekt/

to guard or defend from danger; to keep safe

protéger (de, contre)
She protected the children from every danger
Which type of helmet protects the head best?
He wore a fur jacket to protect himself against the cold.
protected adjective

(of certain animals or birds) protected by law from being shot etc

a protected species.
protection /-ʃən/ noun

the act of protecting or state of being protected

He ran to his mother for protection
This type of lock gives extra protection against burglary.

something that protects

The trees were a good protection against the wind.
protective /-tiv/ adjective

giving, or intended to give, protection

protecteur, de protection
protective clothing/glasses.
protector noun


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