Übersetzung von “prove” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbprove /pruv/ ( pp proved or proven )
transitive to show sth is true or real using facts, examples, data, etc.

The documents prove that he was lying.
Les documents prouvèrent qu'il mentait.
prove sb right/wrong
to show that what sb said previously is right or wrong
les faits donnent raison/tort à qqn

He predicted the troubles, and today's news proved him right.
Il a prédit les conflits et les informations d'aujourd'hui lui ont donné raison.
prove a point
to show sb is right
montrer que l'on a raison

He used statistics to prove his point.
Il a utilisé des statistiques pour montrer qu'il avait raison.
to have a particular quality

The argument between the two stars has proved entertaining.
Le débat entre les deux stars s'est avéré divertissant.
prove yourself
to do sth difficult that shows how much ability you have
faire ses preuves

She went traveling alone, partly to prove herself.
Elle est partie en voyage seule, en partie pour faire ses preuves.

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verb /pruːv/

to show to be true or correct

This fact proves his guilt
He was proved guilty
Can you prove your theory?

to turn out, or be found, to be

His suspicions proved (to be) correct
This tool proved very useful.
proven adjective

(especially in law) proved

a proven criminal.

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