Übersetzung von “provide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveprovide /prəˈvaɪd/
to supply or make available
fournir , procurer

The government provides money for the program.
Le gouvernement fournit de l'argent pour le programme.

lawyers who provide poor people with free legal advice
des avocats qui procurent des conseils juridiques gratuits aux personnes pauvres

provide for

verb phrasalprovide for [ prəˈvaɪd ˌfɔr ]
to earn money to support sb
subvenir aux besoins de

She works hard to provide for her family.
Elle travaille dur pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille.
formal to make it possible for sth to happen in the future
pouvoir à

The agreement provides for the preservation of several old buildings.
L'accord pourvoit à la sauvegarde de plusieurs bâtiments anciens.

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verb /prəˈvaid/

to give or supply

He provided the wine for the meal
He provided them with a bed for the night.

(with for) to have enough money to supply what is necessary

subvenir aux besoins (de)
He is unable to provide for his family.
provided ( providing)

conjuction if; on condition (that)

pourvu que
We can buy it provided/providing (that) we have enough money.

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