Übersetzung von “provision” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableprovision /prəˈvɪʒən/
the act of providing sth
approvisionnement masculine

the provision of medical supplies to troops
l'approvisionnement en fournitures médicales des troupes
sth that is made possible by an agreement or law
disposition feminine , clause feminine

a provision in the contract that makes the tenant responsible for repairs
une clause du contrat qui attribue au locataire la responsabilité des réparations
provisions plural
food and other supplies taken on a trip
provisions feminine plural

The climbers took water and other provisions.
Les alpinistes ont emporté de l'eau et d'autres provisions.

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noun /prəˈviʒən/

the act of providing

fait d’asssurer
The government are responsible for the provision of education for all children.

an agreed arrangement

disposition, clause
the provisions of the contract.
provisional adjective

temporary; appointed, arranged etc only for the present time

a provisional government.
provisionally adverb

provisions noun plural

(a supply of) food

The campers got their provisions at the village shop.
make provision for

to provide what is necessary for

pourvoir aux besoins de
You should make provision for your old age.

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