Übersetzung von “puff” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivepuff /pʌf/
to smoke a cigarette or pipe
tirer des bouffées de

She stood outside puffing on a cigarette.
Elle se tenait debout à l'extérieur tirant des bouffées d'une cigarette.
to breathe fast and hard

He puffed his way up the stairs.
Il monta les marches en haletant.

puff out

verb phrasalpuff out [ ˈpʌf ˈaʊt ]
to push air into sth to make it swell

a frog puffing out his neck as he croaks
une grenouille gonflant son cou tandis qu'elle coasse


noun countablepuff /pʌf/
a small amount of smoke or wind
bouffée feminine

an small explosion followed by a puff of smoke
une petite explosion suivie par une bouffée de fumée
the act of breathing in cigarette or pipe smoke
bouffée feminine

a few more puffs on his cigarette
quelques bouffées de plus sur sa cigarette

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noun /paf/

a small blast of air, wind etc; a gust

souffle, bouffée
A puff of wind moved the branches.

any of various kinds of soft, round, light or hollow objects

houppe(tte); manche bouffante
a powder puff
(also adjective) puff sleeves.
puffed adjective

short of breath; breathing quickly

I’m puffed after running so fast!
puffy adjective

swollen, especially unhealthily

bouffi, boursouflé
a puffy face/ankle.
puff pastry

a light, flaky type of pastry.

pâte feuilletée
puff out

to cause to swell or expand

The bird puffed out its feathers
He puffed out his cheeks.
puff up

to swell

Her eye (was all) puffed up after the wasp stung her.



to breathe quickly, after running etc

He was puffing as he climbed the stairs.

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