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verbpull /pʊl/
transitive-intransitive ≠push; to use force to try to move sth toward you

They were pulling the garbage cans out to the street.
Ils tiraient les poubelles dans la rue.

His mother pulled him to her.
Sa mère le tira à elle.

I pulled on the dog's leash.
Je tirai sur la laisse du chien.
transitive to use force to remove

He pulled the plug out of the wall.
Il arracha la prise du mur.
transitive to move sth along behind you

a truck pulling a trailer
un camion tractant une remorque
transitive to move sth down or across sth

Pull the curtains shut.
Tire les rideaux.

She pulled a sweater over her head.
Elle enleva un pull par sa tête.
transitive to move your body quickly or with effort

I pulled myself up out of the chair.
Je me suis extrait de la chaise.

She tried to comfort him, but he pulled away.
Elle essaya de le consoler mais il s'arracha à son étreinte.
transitive to injure a muscle by stretching or twisting
se déchirer

He pulled a muscle in his leg.
Il s'est déchiré un muscle de la jambe.
transitive to move part of a device to make it work
appuyer sur

to pull the trigger on a gun
appuyer sur la détente d'un pistolet

Pull the lever to make it spin.
Appuyez sur la manette pour la faire tourner.
transitive to take out a weapon

Suddenly he pulled a gun on us.
Soudain il braqua un pistolet sur nous.
pull sb's leg
to tease sb

Don't listen to her - she's just pulling your leg.
Ne l'écoute pas, elle te taquine.
pull out all the stops
to do with as much energy or as many resources as possible
remuer ciel et terre

They're pulling out all the stops and having a huge wedding.
Ils remuent ciel et terre et font un grand mariage.
pull the plug
to cancel, usually by taking money away
laisser tomber

The government is pulling the plug on the project.
Le gouvernement laisse tomber le projet.
pull the rug out from under sb
to take away support or help when sb needs it
couper l'herbe sous le pied de qqn

The board refused to back the CEO, pulling the rug out from under him.
Le conseil a refusé de soutenir le directeur général, lui coupant l'herbe sous le pied.
pull strings
to obtain using your power or influence
user de son influence

His dad pulled some strings and got him into Harvard.
Son père a usé de son influence pour l'envoyer à Harvard.
pull the wool over sb's eyes
to deceive by hiding the truth
duper qqn

I made a mistake, but I never tried to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.
J'ai fait une erreur mais je n'ai jamais essayé de duper qui que ce soit.

pull ahead

verb phrasalpull ahead [ ˈpʊl əˈhɛd ]
to move past others in a race
prendre la tête

The lead car has pulled way ahead of the pack.
La voiture de tête a pris la tête de la course.

pull away

verb phrasalpull away [ ˈpʊl əˈweɪ ]
(of a vehicle) to move away

The car pulled away from the curb.
La voiture s'éloigna du bord du trottoir.

pull back

verb phrasalpull back [ ˈpʊl ˈbæk ]
to change a decision or statement
revenir sur

The university has pulled back on building the new facility.
L'université est revenue sur la construction du nouvel équipement.

pull in/into

verb phrasalpull in/into [ ˈpʊl ˈɪn/ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
(of a vehicle) to arrive somewhere

The bus was pulling into the station.
Le bus arrivait à la gare routière.

pull off

pull off [ ˈpʊl ˈɔf, ˈɒf ], Brit carry off /ˈkæri ˈɔf, ˈɒf/ verb phrasal
to do sth impressive but difficult
mener à bien , réussir

The team was behind, but they managed to pull off a win.
L'équipe avait du retard mais elle a réussi à décrocher une victoire.

I can't believe we pulled it off!
Je ne peux pas croire que nous avons réussi !

pull out

verb phrasalpull out [ ˈpʊl ˈaʊt ]
(of a military force) to leave or make leave a place
se retirer

when troops were pulled out of the area
quand les troupes se sont retirées du secteur

The troops pulled out last night.
Les troupes se sont retirées hier soir.
(of a vehicle) to move onto a road or into a line of traffic

The red car pulled out right in front of me.
La voiture rouge a déboîté juste devant moi.
to change a decision to do sth
se retirer

Two companies have already pulled out of the deal.
Deux entreprises se sont déjà retirées de l'affaire.
(of a train or bus) to leave a station

as the train pulled out of the station
comme le train quittait la gare

pull over

verb phrasalpull over [ ˈpʊl ˈoʊvər ]
to move or ask to move to the side of a road
se ranger

The car pulled over to let us pass.
La voiture s'est rangée pour nous laisser passer.

The policeman pulled him over for speeding.
L'agent de police l'a fait se ranger pour excès de vitesse.

pull through

verb phrasalpull through [ ˈpʊl ˈθru ]
to live after a serious injury, illness, or medical procedure
s'en sortir

The operation was difficult, but he pulled through.
L'opération était difficile mais il s'en est sorti.

pull together

verb phrasalpull together [ ˈpʊl təˈgɛðər ]
to work together to achieve
joindre ses efforts

We can make it work if we all pull together.
Nous pouvons y arriver si nous joignons nos efforts.
pull yourself together
to stop crying or being upset
se ressaisir

I pulled myself together and went out to say "hello."
Je me suis ressaisi et je suis sorti pour dire "bonjour".

pull up

verb phrasalpull up [ ˈpʊl ˈʌp ]
(of a vehicle) to move toward a place and stop there
se ranger

A blue pickup pulled up beside us in traffic.
Un pickup bleu s'est rangé à notre hauteur dans la circulation.


nounpull /pʊl/
countable ≠push; the act of pulling sth toward you
traction feminine

a quick pull on the rope
une traction rapide sur la corde
singular a strong natural force that pulls things
(force feminine d')attraction feminine

the pull of gravity
la force d'attraction de la pesanteur
singular a strong attraction or influence on people
attrait masculine

the pull of Broadway for young performers
l'attrait de Broadway pour les jeunes artistes

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verb /pul/

to (try to) move something especially towards oneself usually by using force

(re)tirer (sur)
He pulled the chair towards the fire
She pulled at the door, but couldn’t open it
He kept pulling the girls’ hair for fun
Help me to pull my boots off
This railway engine can pull twelve carriages.

(with ator on) in eg smoking, to suck at

tirer sur
He pulled at his cigarette.

to row

He pulled towards the shore.

(of a driver or vehicle) to steer or move in a certain direction

entrer dans
The car pulled in at the garage
I pulled into the side of the road
The train pulled out of the station
The motorbike pulled out to overtake
He pulled off the road.
pull apart / to pieces

to tear or destroy completely by pulling

mettre en pièces
He pulled the cardboard box apart and put it in the recycling bin.
pull down

to destroy or demolish (buildings)

They’ve pulled down that old tower block.
pull a face / faces (at)

to make strange expressions with the face eg to show disgust, or to amuse

faire des grimaces (à)
The children were pulling faces at each other
He pulled a face when he smelt the fish.
pull a gun etc on

to produce and aim a gun etc at (a person)

braquer un revolver sur
Suddenly Raymond pulled a gun on him.
pull off

to succeed in doing

réussir (son coup)
He’s finally pulled it off!
pull on

to put on (a piece of clothing) hastily

She pulled on a sweater.
pull oneself together

to control oneself; to regain one’s self-control

(se) ressaisir
At first she was terrified, then she pulled herself together.
pull through

to (help to) survive an illness etc

(se) tirer d’affaire
He is very ill, but he’ll pull through
The expert medical treatment pulled him through.
pull up

(of a driver or vehicle) to stop

He pulled up at the traffic lights.
pull one’s weight

to take one’s fair share of work, duty etc

faire sa part du travail
She doesn’t really pull her weight as far as work is concerned.



a pulling or attracting force

the pull (=attraction) of the sea.


He thinks he has some pull with the headmaster.

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