Übersetzung von “punch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpunch /pʌntʃ/
transitive-intransitive to hit with your fist
donner un coup de poing

He punched my brother in the mouth.
Il a donné à mon frère un coup de poing dans les dents.

a boxer learning how to punch
un boxeur apprenant comment frapper
transitive to make a hole using a tool

She punched holes in the paper.
Elle a perforé des trous dans le papier.


noun countablepunch /pʌntʃ/
a hit with the fist
coup masculine de poing

a punch on the jaw
un coup de poing à la mâchoire
a drink made with fruit juice
punch masculine

a tropical fruit punch
un punch aux fruits tropicaux
a tool for making holes
perforateur masculine

a leather punch
un perforateur pour le cuir

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noun /pantʃ/

a kind of drink made of spirits or wine, water and sugar etc

a rum punch.


verb /pantʃ/

to hit with the fist

donner un coup de poing à
He punched him on the nose.
punch-drunk adjective

(of a boxer) dizzy from being continually hit.

punch line

the funny sentence or phrase that ends a joke

conclusion (comique)
He always laughs before he gets to the punch line.
punch-up noun

a fight (using fists).




the quality of liveliness in speech, writing etc

You need to deliver the speech with more punch.


noun /pantʃ/

a tool or device for making holes in leather, paper etc

a hole punch.


noun /pantʃ/

the name of a comic figure in a puppet-show (traditionally known as a Punch and Judy show).

as pleased as Punch

very pleased

heureux comme un roi
She was as pleased as Punch to be offered the job.

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