Übersetzung von “punish” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpunish /ˈpʌnɪʃ/
transitive-intransitive to make sb suffer because of sth wrong or illegal they did

My parents punished me by taking my car keys away.
Mes parents m'ont puni en me prenant mes clés de voiture.

Rapists are severely punished.
Les violeurs sont punis sévèrement.
transitive to assign a particular punishment for a crime

Identity theft is punished with 6-11 years in jail.
L'usurpation d'identité est punie de six à onze ans d'emprisonnement.

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verb /ˈpaniʃ/

to cause to suffer for a crime or fault

He was punished for stealing the money.

to give punishment for

The teacher punishes disobedience.
punishable adjective

(of offences etc) able or likely to be punished by law

Driving without a licence is a punishable offence.
punishment noun

the act of punishing or process of being punished.


suffering, or a penalty, imposed for a crime, fault etc

punition, peine
He was sent to prison for two years as (a) punishment.
punitive /ˈpjuːnətiv/ adjective

giving punishment

de punition
punitive measures.

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