Übersetzung von “push” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpush /pʊʃ/
transitive-intransitive ≠pull; to use force to try to move sth ahead or away from you

If everybody pushes together, we can move it.
Si tout le monde pousse ensemble, on peut le bouger.

They pushed the car into the road.
Ils ont poussé la voiture dans la rue.
transitive to press with your finger
appuyer sur

Push the red button to start.
Appuyez sur le bouton rouge pour démarrer.
transitive to use your influence or authority to make sb do sth

She pushed her daughter into becoming a doctor.
Elle a poussé sa fille à devenir médecin.
transitive to affect or influence a situation or person to an extreme state or action
pousser , entraîner

conditions that have pushed oil prices to a record high
des conditions qui ont entraîné une hausse record des prix du pétrole

The pressure of the job pushed him toward a nervous breakdown.
La tension créée par le travail l'a poussé à faire une dépression nerveuse.
transitive-intransitive to use your hands to move people or things out of your way

People were pushing and shoving to get to the ticket seller.
Les gens se bousculaient pour arriver au vendeur de billets.
transitive to try to persuade

The police department is pushing to get new equipment.
Le service de police insiste pour avoir de nouveaux équipements.
transitive to make sb work hard

teachers who really push their students
les professeurs qui surmènent vraiment leurs étudiants

Don't push yourself too hard.
Ne te surmène pas trop.
push the envelope
to do things or think in more creative or extreme ways

The city is pushing the envelope in trying to bring art to public places.
La ville innove en essayant d'amener l'art dans les lieux publics.
push your luck/push it
to ruin a good situation by trying to do or get more
forcer la chance

Enjoy the wine and beer, but don't push your luck by driving home afterward.
Profite du vin et de la bière mais ne force pas la chance en rentrant ensuite en voiture chez toi.

push ahead

verb phrasalpush ahead [ ˈpʊʃ əˈhɛd ]
to continue despite difficulties

He decided to push ahead with the project anyway.
Il décida de persévérer avec le projet quoi qu'il en soit.

push around

verb phrasalpush around [ ˈpʊʃ əˈraʊnd ]
to tell sb to do things in an inappropriate or unpleasant way

Don't let your manager push you around.
Ne laisse pas ton directeur te malmener.

push back

verb phrasalpush back [ ˈpʊʃ ˈbæk ]
to change a meeting or event to a later date

We had to push back the opening of the new store.
Nous avons dû repousser l'ouverture du nouveau magasin.
to argue or fight against sth that limits you
s'insurger contre

young people pushing back against school dress codes
des jeunes s'insurgeant contre le code vestimentaire de l'école

push through

verb phrasalpush through [ ˈpʊʃ ˈθru ]
to use influence or effort to get people to accept sth new, especially a law
faire passer

senators working to push the energy bill through
des sénateurs s'employant à faire passer le projet de loi sur l'énergie


noun countablepush /pʊʃ/
the action of pushing sth ahead or away from you
poussée feminine

Give it a push.
Pousse le.
an effort to achieve sth
effort masculine

a push to clean up the city's streets
un effort pour mettre de l'ordre dans les rues de la ville

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verb /puʃ/

to press against something, in order to (try to) move it further away

He pushed the door open
She pushed him away
He pushed against the door with his shoulder
The queue can’t move any faster, so stop pushing!
I had a good view of the race till someone pushed in front of me.

to try to make (someone) do something; to urge on, especially foolishly

pousser (à)
She pushed him into applying for the job.

to sell (drugs) illegally.

revendre de la drogue
push-bike noun

a bicycle that does not have a motor.

push-chair noun

(American stroller) a small wheeled chair for a child, pushed by its mother etc.

be pushed for

to be short of; not to have enough of

manquer de
I’m a bit pushed for time.
push around

to treat roughly

He pushes his younger brother around.
push off

to go away

ficher le camp
I wish you’d push off!
push on

to go on; to continue

Push on with your work.
push over

to cause to fall; to knock down

faire tomber
He pushed me over.



energy and determination

He has enough push to do well in his job.

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