Die Übersetzung von "push" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /puʃ/

to press against something, in order to (try to) move it further away

He pushed the door open
She pushed him away
He pushed against the door with his shoulder
The queue can’t move any faster, so stop pushing!
I had a good view of the race till someone pushed in front of me.

to try to make (someone) do something; to urge on, especially foolishly

pousser (à)
She pushed him into applying for the job.

to sell (drugs) illegally.

revendre de la drogue
push-bike noun

a bicycle that does not have a motor.

push-chair noun

(American stroller) a small wheeled chair for a child, pushed by its mother etc.

be pushed for

to be short of; not to have enough of

manquer de
I’m a bit pushed for time.
push around

to treat roughly

He pushes his younger brother around.
push off

to go away

ficher le camp
I wish you’d push off!
push on

to go on; to continue

Push on with your work.
push over

to cause to fall; to knock down

faire tomber
He pushed me over.

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