Die Übersetzung von "question" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkwestʃən/

something which is said, written etc which asks for an answer from someone

The question is, do we really need a computer?

a problem or matter for discussion

There is the question of how much to pay him.

a single problem in a test or examination

We had to answer four questions in three hours.

criticism; doubt; discussion

(hors de tout) doute
He is, without question, the best man for the job.

a suggestion or possibility

(être) question
There is no question of our dismissing him.
questionable adjective

probably not true, honest, respectable

questionable behaviour.

doubtful; uncertain.

questionably adverb

de manière contestable
questionableness noun

caractère douteux
question mark

used in writing to indicate a question.

point d’interrogation
question-master noun

a person who asks the questions in eg a quiz.

questionnaire /-ˈneə/ noun

a written list of questions to be answered by a large number of people to provide information for a survey or report

We were asked to complete a questionnaire.
in question

being talked about

en question
The matter in question can be left till next week.
out of the question

not to be thought of as possible; not to be done

hors de question
It is quite out of the question for you to go out tonight.

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