Übersetzung von “quick” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivequick /kwɪk/

a quick look at the book
un coup d'œil rapide au livre

The trip was quicker than I expected.
Le voyage a été plus rapide que je le prévoyais.

a quick demonstration of how it works
une rapide démonsration de la manière dont cela fonctionne
quick to
to do quickly as a reaction
prompt/prompte à

People were quick to blame the media for the panic.
Les gens ont été prompts à blâmer les médias pour le mouvement de panique.
be quick
to hurry
se dépêcher

Please be quick or we'll be late.
Dépêche-toi, s'il-te-plaît, ou non serons en retard.
=bright; able to easily understand or learn sth new

She's very quick at math.
Elle est très bonne en maths.

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adjective /kwik/

done, said, finished etc in a short time

a quick trip into town.

moving, or able to move, with speed

He’s a very quick walker
I made a grab at the dog, but it was too quick for me.

doing something, able to do something, or done, without delay; prompt; lively

He is always quick to help
a quick answer
He’s very quick at arithmetic.
quickly adverb

quicken verb

to make or become quicker

He quickened his pace.
quickness noun

quicklime noun

lime which has not been mixed with water.

chaux vive
quicksands noun plural

(an area of) loose, wet sand that sucks in anyone or anything that stands on it.

sables mouvants
quicksilver noun


quick-tempered adjective

easily made angry

soupe au lait
She has a reputation for being rather quick-tempered.
quick-witted adjective

thinking very quickly

à l’esprit vif
You have to be quick-witted enough to talk yourself out of a difficult situation.
quick-wittedly adverb

avec de la vivacité d’esprit
quick-wittedness noun

vivacité d’esprit

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