Übersetzung von “quiet” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivequiet /ˈkwaɪɪt/
not making much noise, or without noise

a quiet engine
un moteur silencieux

At this early hour the house was quiet.
A cette heure matinale, la maison était silencieuse.
be quiet
used to tell sb not to talk or make noise
silence , tais-toi / taisez-vous

Children, please be quiet.
Silence / taisez-vous, les enfants.
not busy
calme , tranquille

a quiet day at work
une journée calme/tranquille au travail
(of a person) not talkative
calme , discret/-ète

a quiet man with few friends
un homme calme/discret qui a peu d'amis


noun uncountablequiet /ˈkwaɪɪt/
a situation in which there is little noise or activity
calme masculine , tranquillité feminine

in the quiet of the night
dans le calme de la nuit

I long for some peace and quiet.
Je rêve de paix et de tranquillité.


quiet [ ˈkwaɪɪt ], quiet down /ˈkwaɪɪt ˈdaʊn/, quieten down [ ˈkwaɪɪtn ˈdaʊn ] Brit
to become or make quiet or calm
se calmer

They waited for the music to quiet down.
Ils attendirent que la musique se calme.

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adjective /ˈkwaiət/

not making very much, or any, noise; without very much, or any, noise

Tell the children to be quiet
It’s very quiet out in the country
a quiet person.

free from worry, excitement etc

I live a very quiet life.

without much movement or activity; not busy

We’ll have a quiet afternoon watching television.

(of colours) not bright.

quieten verb

(often with down) to make or become quiet

(se) calmer
I expect you to quieten down when I come into the classroom.

to remove or lessen (a person’s fears, doubts etc)

The purpose of his speech was to quieten people’s fears about the new legislation.
quietly adverb

quietness noun

silence, calme
keep quiet about

to say nothing about; to keep secret

garder pour soi
I’d like you to keep quiet about the child’s father being in prison.
on the quiet

secretly; without letting anyone find out

en cachette
He went out of the office to enjoy a cigarette on the quiet.
quiet is an adjective: She has a quiet voice; Keep quiet. quite is an adverb: This book is quite good.

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