Übersetzung von “race” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrace /reɪs/
countable a competition of speed
course feminine

a running race
une course à pied

to win/lose a race
gagner/perdre une course
the races plural
an event at which horses or dogs run against each other
les courses feminine plural
countable a competition to get the best position or most power
course feminine

the race for president
la course à la présidence
countable-uncountable a group of people defined by the color of their skin, shape of their features, etc.
race feminine

race and gender
race et sexe

people of many races
des personnes de nombreuses races
a race against time
a situation in which sth must be done quickly
une course contre la montre

The rescue was a race against time.
Le sauvetage a été une course contre la montre.


verbrace /reɪs/
transitive-intransitive to take part in a race
faire la course

Come on, I'll race you to that post.
Viens, on fait la course jusqu'à ce poteau.
intransitive to go somewhere, move, or do sth quickly
courir à toute allure

We watched her racing along the hight street.
Nous l'avons regardée courir à toute allure dans la grand-rue.

He raced through his speech.
Il débita son discours à toute allure.
transitive to take sb somewhere quickly
emmener à toute vitesse

They raced him into the operating theater.
Ils l'ont emmené à toute vitesse en salle d'opération.

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noun /reis/

a competition to find who or which is the fastest

a horse race.
racer noun

a car, bicycle etc built for competitive racing.

voiture/vélo de course
racecourse noun

(a place with) a course over which horse races are run.

champ de courses
racehorse noun

a horse bred and used for racing.

cheval de course
racetrack noun

(a place with) a course over which races are run by cars, dogs, athletes etc.

racing car noun

a car specially designed and built for racing.

voiture de course
a race against time

a desperate attempt to do something before a certain time

course contre la montre
It was a race against time to rescue the injured climber.
the races

a meeting for horse-racing

les courses (de chevaux)
a day at the races.



to have a competition with (someone) to find out who is the fastest

faire une course avec
I’ll race you to that tree.

to go etc quickly

filer (à toute allure)
He raced along the road on his bike.


noun /reis/

any one section of mankind, having a particular set of characteristics which make it different from other sections

race; racial
people of different races.
(also adjective) race relations.

the fact of belonging to any of these various sections

It is illegal to discriminate against anyone because of race.

a group of people who share the same culture, language etc; the Anglo-Saxon race.

racial /ˈreiʃəl/ adjective

of, or having to do with, race or a particular race

racial characteristics
racialism /ˈreiʃə-/ noun (also racism)

the belief that some races of men are better than others.


prejudice against someone on the grounds of his race.

racialist /ˈreiʃə-/ noun, adjective (also racist)

racist attitudes.
the human race


la race humaine
the survival of the human race.
of mixed race

having ancestors (especially parents) from two or more different human races.


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