Übersetzung von “raise” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveraise /reɪz/
=lift up; to move sth to a higher position
lever , soulever

Raise you arms above your head.
Levez les bras au-dessus de la tête.

They slowly raised the curtain.
Ils soulevèrent lentement le rideau.
=bring up; to take care of children as they grow

She raised four children by herself.
Elle a élevé quatre enfants toute seule.
to increase

The school will be raising tuition next year.
L'école va augmenter les cours l'année prochaine.
to improve

to raise standards
élever les standards
to collect money for a group, goal, etc.

Last year we raised $10,000 at the auction.
L'année dernière, nous avons collecté 10 000 $ à la vente aux enchères.
to start to talk about; bring up

I'd like to raise the subject of road safety.
J'aimerais soulever le sujet de la sécurité routière.
to cause to feel or think sth
faire naître

Studies have raised doubts about the benefits of taking vitamins.
Les études ont fait naître des doutes quant à l'intérêt de prendre des vitamines.
to breed a type of animal or grow a crop
animal: élever , crop: cultiver

We raise pigs and goats.
Nous élevons des cochons et des chèvres.


noun countableraise /reɪz/
an increase in salary
augmentation feminine

His boss just gave him a raise.
Son patron vient de lui donner une augmentation.

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verb /reiz/

to move or lift to a high(er) position

Raise your right hand
Raise the flag.

to make higher

If you paint your flat, that will raise the value of it considerably
We’ll raise that wall about 20 centimetres.

to grow (crops) or breed (animals) for food

We don’t raise pigs on this farm.

to rear, bring up (a child)

She has raised a large family.

to state (a question, objection etc which one wishes to have discussed)

Has anyone in the audience any points they would like to raise?

to collect; to gather

recueillir; rassembler
We’ll try to raise money
The revolutionaries managed to raise a small army.

to cause

His remarks raised a laugh.

to cause to rise or appear

The car raised a cloud of dust.

to build (a monument etc)

They’ve raised a statue of Robert Burns / in memory of Robert Burns.

to give (a shout etc)

There’s no need to raise your voice.

to make contact with by radio

établir la communication
I can’t raise the mainland.
raise someone’s hopes

to make someone more hopeful than he was

donner de l’espoir à
His hopes were raised when he saw a letter from Sarah on the doormat.
raise hell/Cain / the roof etc

to make a great deal of noise

faire un bruit de tous les diables
The band really raised the roof and had everybody up on their feet dancing.
raise someone’s spirits

to make someone less unhappy

remonter le moral à qqn
I tried my best to remain cheerful so as to raise everybody’s spirits.

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