Übersetzung von “rake” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablerake /reɪk/
a tool for gathering dead leaves, cut grass, etc. or for making the ground level
râteau masculine

a garden rake
un râteau de jardin


verb transitiverake /reɪk/
to use a rake

Rake the soil well before planting.
Ratissez bien le sol avant la plantation.
raking it in
informal earning a lot of money
informal se faire de l'argent à la pelle

He's raking it in now that he's on TV.
Il se fait de l'argent à la pelle maintenant qu'il est à la télé.

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noun /reik/

a tool which consists of a usually metal bar with teeth at the end of a long handle, used for smoothing earth, gathering eg leaves together etc.

a garden rake.

any similar tool

a croupier’s rake in a casino.

the act of raking

coup de râteau
He gave the soil a rake.
rake through

to make a thorough search

fouiller dans
I’m raking through these boxes of old clothes.
rake up

to find out and tell or remind people about (something, usually something unpleasant that would be better forgotten)

attiser (une ancienne querelle)
There’s no need to rake up the past.



(often with out) to remove the ashes from (a fire) with a poker etc.

enlever les cendres du feu

to fire guns at (a target) from one end of it to the other

The soldiers raked the entire village with machine-gun fire.

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