Übersetzung von “rally” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablerally /ˈræli/ ( plural rallies )
a public meeting of protest or support
rassemblement masculine

an anti-war rally
un rassemblement contre la guerre

a rally against terrorism
un rassemblement contre le terrorisme
an increase in or recovery of sth
amélioration feminine

a rally on the stock market
une amélioration sur le marché financier


verbrally /ˈræli/ ( rallies, rallied )
transitive-intransitive to unite in support or opposition
se rassembler , rallier

to rally support
rallier le soutien

California must rally against the closure of the state parks.
La Californie doit se rassembler contre la fermeture des parcs nationaux.
intransitive to improve or recover
se rétablir

He began to rally after his long illness.
Il recommença à se rétablir après sa longue maladie.

The dollar rallied to its strongest level in months.
Le dollar est revenu à son niveau le plus haut depuis des mois.

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verb /ˈrӕli/

to come or bring together again

(se) rallier
The general tried to rally his troops after the defeat
The troops rallied round the general.

to come or bring together for a joint action or effort

(se) rallier
The supporters rallied to save the club from collapse
The politician asked his supporters to rally to the cause.

to (cause to) recover health or strength

se remettre de
She rallied from her illness.
rally round

to come together for a joint action or effort, especially of support

se regrouper autour (de qqn)
When John’s business was in difficulty, his friends all rallied round (to help) him.


noun (plural rallies)

a meeting (usually of cars or motorcycles) for a competition, race etc

a car rally.

an improvement in health after an illness.

retour à la santé

(in tennis etc) a (usually long) series of shots before the point is won or lost.


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