Die Übersetzung von "rattle" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /rӕtl/

to (cause to) make a series of short, sharp noises by knocking together

(faire) cliqueter
The cups rattled as he carried the tray in
The strong wind rattled the windows.

to move quickly

passer à toute vitesse
The car was rattling along at top speed.

to upset and confuse (a person)

bouleverser qqn
Don’t let him rattle you – he likes annoying people.
rattling adjective

fast; lively

(grande) vitesse
The car travelled at a rattling pace.
rattlesnake noun

a type of poisonous American snake with bony rings in its tail which rattle.

serpent à sonnettes
rattle off

to say quickly and usually without any feeling or expression

débiter (à toute allure)
The boy rattled off the poem.
rattle through

to say or do (something) quickly

débiter (à toute allure)
The teacher rattled through his explanation so quickly that no-one could understand him.

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