Übersetzung von “raw” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveraw //
(of food) not cooked

raw meat/fish/vegetables
viande crue / poisson cru /légumes crus

The steak was practically raw.
Le steak était pratiquement saignant.
(of information) not having been organized or calculated

the raw data from the study
les données brutes de l'étude
=unprocessed; (of a substance) in a natural state
brut/brute , cru/crue , non traité/-ée , non raffiné/-ée

raw sugar/milk/cotton
sucre non raffiné / lait cru / coton non traité
(of a quality) powerful and uncontrolled or untrained
à l'état brut

the raw power of her voice
la puissance à l'état brut de sa voix

the raw emotions portrayed in the film
les émotions à l'état brut dépeintes dans le film
(of skin or a body part) red and painful
irrité/-ée , à vif

Their faces looked raw from the cold.
Leurs visages semblaient irrités par le froid.
not having any experience

raw army recruits
des recrues de l'armée inexpérimentées
(of weather) very cold and damp
froid/froide et humide

a raw winter's day
une journée d'hiver froide et humide

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adjective /roː/

not cooked

raw onions/meat.

not prepared or refined; in the natural state

raw cotton
What raw materials are used to make plastic?

with the skin rubbed and sore

à vif
My heel is raw because my shoe doesn’t fit properly.

untrained; inexperienced

raw recruits.
rawness noun

a raw deal

unfair treatment

sale coup
I think he got a raw deal – he should have been promoted instead of Jenkins.
raw material noun

material before being processed or manufactured; material in its natural state such as iron and coal.

matière première

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