Übersetzung von “reach” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbreach /ritʃ/
transitive to achieve a particular level or goal after working toward it

We have reached the final stage of the contest.
Nous avons atteint la dernière étape de la compétition.

The fundraisers are trying to reach the $20,000 mark.
Les collecteurs de fonds essaient d'atteindre la barre des 20 000 $.
transitive to arrive somewhere after traveling

We reached Phoenix just after midnight.
Nous sommes arrivés à Phoenix juste après minuit.
transitive-intransitive to stretch out your arm to touch or hold
tendre le bras

She reached up to the top shelf.
Elle a tendu le bras vers l'étagère du haut.

I can't reach it.
Je ne peux pas l'atteindre.

I was reaching for my paddle and fell in.
Je tendais la main vers ma pagaïe et je suis tombé.
transitive-intransitive to be long enough to touch
arriver à

The ladder wasn't tall enough to reach the window.
L'échelle n'était pas assez haute pour arriver à la fenêtre.

It won't reach.
Ça n'arrivera pas jusque là.
transitive to call and talk to sb on the phone

Do you know where I can reach her?
Savez-vous où je peux la joindre ?
transitive to broadcast to or communicate with a particular group

We're using email to reach a new audience.
Nous utilisons l'e-mail pour toucher un nouveau public.

reach out to

verb phrasalreach out to [ ˈritʃ ˈaʊt ˌtu, tə ]
to talk to sb in order to show them you are interested in them

companies reaching out to customers with disabilities
les entreprises démarchant les clients handicappés


noun uncountablereach /ritʃ/
the distance sb or sth can stretch
portée feminine

The switch was just within my reach.
L'interrupteur était juste à ma portée.

He tried, but the wallet was just out of his reach.
Il essaya mais le portefeuille était hors de sa portée.
the distance you have to go to get to a place
distance feminine

a restaurant within reach of the hotel
un restaurant à proximité de l'hôtel
sb's ability to do or afford
portée feminine

I think winning is well within his reach.
Je pense que la victoire est tout à fait à sa portée.

a price that puts the house out of our reach
un prix qui place la maiosn hors de portée

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verb /riːtʃ/

to arrive at (a place, age etc)

arriver/parvenir à
We’ll never reach London before dark
Money is not important when you reach my age
The noise reached our ears
Has the total reached a thousand dollars yet?
Have they reached an agreement yet?

to (be able to) touch or get hold of (something)

My keys have fallen down this hole and I can’t reach them.

to stretch out one’s hand in order to touch or get hold of something

étendre (le bras)
He reached (across the table) for another cake
She reached out and took the book.

to make contact with; to communicate with

If anything happens you can always reach me by phone.

to stretch or extend

My property reaches from here to the river.



the distance one can stretch one’s arm

I keep medicines on the top shelf, out of the children’s reach
My keys are down that hole, just out of reach (of my fingers)
The boxer has a very long reach.

(usually in plural ) a straight part of a river, canal etc

partie droite d’un fleuve entre deux coudes
the lower reaches of the Thames.

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