Übersetzung von “real” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivereal /ˈriəl, ril/
≠false, fake; true or genuine, not artificial or a copy
réel/réelle , véritable , vrai/vraie

The flowers are real, not plastic.
Ce sont de vraies fleurs, pas du plastique.

firefighters practicing for a real emergency
des pompiers s'entraînant pour une véritable urgence

real Mexican food
la vraie nourriture mexicaine
for real

Is he for real? Nobody's that perfect!
N'est-il pas incroyable ? Personne n'est aussi parfait !
the real thing
pour de vrai/bon

I thought I was in love, but it wasn't the real thing.
Je pensais être amoureux mais je ne l'étais pas pour de bon.
(always before n) having all the qualities that make sth a good example of its type

When you have problems, you find out who your real friends are.
Quand on a des problèmes, on découvre qui sont vos véritables amis.

Back then I didn't have any real worries.
A bien y repenser, je n'avais pas de véritables soucis.
existing, not imagined or created

Mom, are the monsters in the movie real?
Maman, les monstres du film sont-ils réels ?
real life
la réalité

In real life, the endings are not always happy.
Dans la réalité, les fins ne sont pas toujours heureuses.
the real world
le monde réel

She lives in her imagination, not the real world.
Elle vit dans son imaginaire, pas le monde réel.
(always before n) emphasizes sth

You're being a real jerk.
Tu es vraiment un peuvre type.


adverbreal [ ˈriəl, ril ]
spoken =really; very

a real beautiful morning
une matinée vraiment magnifique

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adjective /riəl/

which actually exists

They say that there’s a real monster in that cave.

not imitation; genuine

real leather
Is that diamond real?


He may own the factory, but it’s his manager who is the real boss.


a real surprise/problem.
realist noun

a person who sees, or claims to see, life as it is, without being affected by emotion etc

a political realist.
realism noun

realistic adjective

(negative unrealistic)

showing things as they really are

a realistic painting.

taking a sensible, practical view of life

I’d like to think we’d sell five of these a day, but it would be more realistic to say two.
realistically adverb

d’une façon réaliste
reality /riˈӕləti/ noun

that which is real and not imaginary

réalité, réel
It was a relief to get back to reality after hearing the ghost story.

the state of being real.


(often in plural realities) a fact

Death and sorrow are two of the grim realities of human existence.
really adverb

in fact

en réalité
He looks a fool but he is really very clever.


That’s a really nice hat!
real estate

(the buying and selling of) land and houses

an expensive piece of real estate
a real estate agent.
for real

(especially American) genuine; true

pour de vrai
He says he’s got a new bike, but I don’t know if that’s for real.
in reality

really; actually

en réalité
He pretends to be busy, but in reality he has very little to do.

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