Übersetzung von “rear” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrear /rɪər/
the rear singular
the back part
l'arrière masculine

He ran around to the rear of the house.
Il courut jusqu'à l'arrière de la maison.

the seats in the rear of the car
les sièges à l'arrière de la voiture
countable informal ( rear end,) sb's bottom
derrière masculine

I fell on my rear end.
Je suis tombé sur le derrière.
bring up the rear
to be last in a line or group
fermer la marche

The younger children brought up the rear.
Les enfants plus jeunes fermaient la marche.


adjectiverear /rɪər/ (always before n)
in or near the back
de derrière , arrière (inv)

the rear door of the building
la porte arrière de l'immeuble

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noun /riə/

the back part of something

There is a second bathroom at the rear of the house
The enemy attacked the army in the rear.

the buttocks, bottom

The horse kicked him in his rear.
rearadmiral noun

in the navy, (a person of) the rank above commodore.

rearguard noun singular or plural

(the group of) soldiers who protect the rear of an army (eg when it is retreating).



verb /riə/

to feed and care for (a family, animals etc while they grow up)

She has reared six children
He rears cattle.

(especially of a horse) to rise up on the hind legs

(se) cabrer
The horse reared in fright as the car passed.

to raise (the head etc)

(se) dresser
The snake reared its head.
rear up

(especially of horses) to rear

(se) cabrer
The horse suddenly reared up in fright.

(of problems etc) to appear

The immigration issue has reared up again.

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